Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Why the Atlanta BeltLine is a Hot Spot for House Hunters Today!

While the Atlanta housing market keeps on rising and getting stronger, a couple buying trends have arose and potential homebuyers need to be aware of these great developments. Since the beginning of the house recovery process more and more Atlanta neighborhoods are becoming more desirable especially those neighborhoods located along Atlanta’s BeltLine which are projected to be some of the best sellers in the upcoming years. With this being said, this is still the right time to buy!

Recognized all over the country as one of the most comprehensive urban development projects, Atlanta’s BeltLine presents access to nice scenic hiking trails, fabulous public art, a nice pedestrian rail transit, and 1,300 acres of parks. The BeltLine is radically altering the view of Atlanta’s suburban stretch. Areas around the BeltLine are the hottest areas to live in and a must see for home buyers in spite of the project not being complete.
The Atlanta Belt Line is bringing 45 unique neighborhoods together under one vision that will convert these separate entities into one cohesive community while still maintaining the individual charm of each neighborhood. The neighborhoods are interconnected to each other and nature, while staying in close proximity to the center of Atlanta. This closeness attracts house hunters who find city life either too expensive or too urban yet they still would like to see the city more than a couple times out of the year.
Price Tag
Many of the neighborhoods along the BeltLine are still very affordable for first-time home buyers. Each neighborhood has its own unique price points, but this might not last very long. As the development keeps advancing, so is the housing market and homes along the BeltLine are constantly climbing in value. In only a few more years these homes will be among the most sought after properties in the metro Atlanta area. Those who take advantage of these awesome real estate opportunities will not only have a great home in a great location, but they will also possess a great investment for future years to come. 

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